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Education for those interested in healing and/or learning how the hospitals do things or why tests/experiences aren’t what you expected, chart reviews and questions of protocols answered…..REgistered Nurse with 15yrs experience…advice on hospitals, critical care, illnesses, rehab, radiology nursing, the how to’s of being a good or bad patient, illness related to spiritual healing from God….over 6 yrs experience in critical care/ICU….if you need a diagnosis call a doctor but if you need to know the hows and why’s of the medical field or help for sick loved ones…contact me asap!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Registered Nurse
hospital experience x 8-10yrs
ICU experience x 6+ yrs
rehab experience x 4+ yrs
end of life care x 6+ yrs
patient care x 10+yrs
Nursing education for patients x 10+yrs to understand illness and potential problems with certain illnesses


I have 14 yrs hospital experience and have worked in most nursing fields such as intensive care, rehabilitation, case management, discharge plan, radiology nursing, end of life care, community nursing, and have worked with all kinds of people regardless of race or background….

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