John Drake

Professional Counseling : Addictions,Personality &Emotional Disorders(Sexual Fetishism,Bisexuality,Gay,Lesbian,Relationship/Family Problems,People Skills,Rage&Anger Management ,Phobia,Depression)Coping with Crisis & Physical Conditions,Parenting,Abuse


Got problems? Need solutions? You got it!

I can help you make your life better,to understand and get along with your wife/husband ,son/daughter,friends/family work colleagues ,employees and all the people you have to deal in life who causes you stress (from the public state’s employees to corporate directors).

I’ll teach you you to deal with each and every one of them and every other social related problem,in the best way,with long term benefits.You will never have to compromise and fell beaten by the hardship of life again.

You’ll never have the feeling like you don’t have a choice.You will always have one and it will be yours alone to make.It’s all about YOU.
Sounds like bullshit? It’s not. It’s kind of "The Secret" but the Universe won’t do work all for you .You will just have to learn to make yourself and others around you work four your benefit.It’s not as hard as you think.From the first session you will learn to develop new abilities and you will benefit from them for the rest of your life

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Political and Social Sciences
Bachelor Degree in Psychology And Educational Studies
Master Degree in Comparative Social Policy

Licensed and trained to provide Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

I am perfectly qualified to help you in a large range of problems, so do not hesitate to call me in for any variety of problems that you may have. I am at your disposal for any type of :
Love life & Relationships Problems, Depression , Anxiety , Sexual life, Marriage problems , Low self-esteem , Obsession and Compulsive Disorders , Mood Changes , Grief , Infidelity , Insomnia , Trauma , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD ,Mood Disorders , Eating disorders , Abuse or Neglect , Feeling sad or feeling down , Death of a loved one , Eating disorders , Domestic Violence , Gay , Lesbian , Bisexuality , Stress related problems ,Feeling sad or feeling down,Losing Motivation & Purpose Anger management

, and many other more …


I counseled people who have lost there way through addiction, depression, the loss of a loved one, abusive relationships, child abuse, or just a streak of bad luck.
I can also give advice concerning your carrier and how to evolve and improve yourself.I started working as a youngster and I have achieved a lot of experience in my carrier.

My work experience was gained was gained by working on outpatient mental health clinics, non-profit agencies, inpatient clinics/hospitals, schools, institutes and through my private practice. I have successfully treated people that suffer from Lack of motivation, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Rage & Anger Management Issues, Obsessive and Compulsive Disorders, Bipolar and Personality disorders Relationship Issues, Communication Issues, Fear of Commitment, Sexual Dysfunctions or Fetishism Problems, Domestic Violence Victims or Victims of Sexual Abuse, People that Suffered from Mood Changes, Grief, Infidelity, Insomnia, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and many more… In present I am working a private counselor and as a collaborator with different social research institutes

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