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We live in a time where distractions of living over shadow what really maintains our lives; HEALTH!
There is a vital need to focus our time and attention on because it’s severely detrimental to our personal existence. We are all witnesses to the turmoil occurring throughout the world, and because we live in this world, it also affects us! HOW?
»Economical Depression and unemployment fueling crimes, accidents, lawsuits
»family,stress, depression
»Hospitals closing– Health care Depleting
»Highest mortality rate in the last century;raises yearly from diseases, obesity,mal-Nutrition and Starvation
»Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs
“The ultimate price we pay is the anguish of suffering a terminal disease, the agony of enduring chronic pain, or the sadness of seeing loved ones who are seriously ill, DIE!”
We have no control over world issues, rulers,presidents,war/death but we do control ourselves with choices. We ask for you to CHOOSE LIFE,and help others reach the same goal.

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Scientists, chemists, doctors, nutritionists, researchers, publications.


We live in a time where we are so wrapped up in living that we forget about the most important thing that maintains our lives; HEALTH.
This is a vital matter that we need to focus our time and attention on because it’s severely detrimental to our existence. We witness the turmoil that is occurring throughout the world.
» Economical Depression and unemployment fueling crimes, accidents, fraud
» Financial anxieties, family, work.
» Hospitals closing down – Health care Depleting
» Diseases around the world raise yearly obesity, Under Nutrition and Starvation.
» Highest mortality rate in the last century
» Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs.

“The ultimate price any human has to pay is the diagnosis life threatening diseases, anguish of suffering a terminal disease, agony of enduring chronic pain, and the despair of experiencing the loss of a loved one.”
We have no control over the world’s issues, but we do have control over our free will and a well-informed choice to a prospective life in the future.

Weightlosophy is here to ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE & MOTIVATE all site members, families and friends that make up our physical and online communities. There is a devastating storm headed our way and we have no control over the direction it will go. All we can do is prepare ourselves and hold firm so we don’t get whisked away in these critical times. We need to be wise and be aware of all the invisible dangers surrounding us. Many of our loved ones are seeking early measures to identify and manage their illness they are currently suffering.
Statistics from 1990-2000 show 7.8 MILLION victims suffered death from PROPERLY Prescribed and implemented Medical prescriptions.”(2)
It is currently 2010!
What do you think that is Answer is Now?
A)50.2 million
B)7.8 million
C)33.4 million
D)15.6 million
In the U.S. alone obesity rates have increased by more than 65% among adults over the last ten years due to inactive
lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits.

WEIGHTLOSOPHY has developed a centralized location where all members can share information, thoughts, ideas and views, to reach the goal of educating and preparing ourselves to endure these crises.
We encourage everyone to take advantage of the information posted and discussed regularly. All of this is hosted on through
» Personal research, staff blogs, Members
» Links, Feeds
» Meetings, seminars, events & Private parties
» Fully Functioning Social media interaction site- member networking, sharing, communication
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Please join us starting from 2010 and stretching forward to stir up the need of awareness and helping all make a educated decision. Weightlosophy asks all to choose life

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