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Dr. Jayashree Joshi

Medical Vedic Astrology


I am an India-based Physician trained in the Allopathic system of Medicine, in addition to which I have also studied Ayurveda, which is the traditional medical system of India. I come from a family of Vedic Astrologers and have a background of Vedic Astrology, which I apply to my specialised medical knowledge and suggest some unique herbal therapies, based upon the planetary configuration of a person’s horoscope.
In order to provide my service to a client through on-line Chat, I would first need to know the Date, Time and Place of Birth of the client, based upon which I would cast and analyse the person’s horoscope. This would require the chat session to be discontinued for about twenty minutes by the client and then resumed again, by which time I would be ready with my answers and advice.
(Remedies suggested in Ayurveda and the ancient Vedic literature would apply only to a person’s VEDIC horoscope, which is different from a chart obtained through the conventional Western systems).

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

M.D. from Grant Medical College, Mumbai. 1976
Fellow of Society of Brahmin Vedic Astrologers, Pune.
Member, District Advisory Board, Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy. (AYUSH)


I am in medical practice, using holistic medicine, for longer than thirty years, in India.
That makes me pretty well experienced, I guess, and it also gives me the required expertise to advise people from distant parts of the world, confidently.

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