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We offer a personalized fitness service, that doesn’t just end with Personal Training but extends to a full range of sports and fitness services. We are Singapore’s one-stop Fitness consultants and concierge.


Hello… my name is Parwez Naqvi (Sam) – I’m a certified personal fitness trainer, weight loss specialist and the founder and Master Trainer of Funky Fitness and I’m ready to start changing your body and your life whenever you are!

My approach to training is this… “Keep it Simple”. I’ll start by helping you determine your specific level of fitness through evaluation and testing. From there, I’ll design a program that’s challenging, realistic and life enhancing. You will build knowledge and understanding of your body and have self-mastering experiences that will give you the confidence and know-how to reach and maintain your goals!

I’ve trained both males and females from all walks of life and differing ages. My clients have seen surprising changes in their physique and their lifestyle.

I have been certified and trained as a Personial Trainer by FISAF and other International certification bodies of the fitness and health industry. I have 7 years experience in changing people’s bodies starting with my own. I possess the knowledge and skills to motivate you, educate you and celebrate with you all the positive changes you will make to your life. Your quality of living is about to improve. Let’s begin your new life today. I’m ready… are you?

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